Crystal Wealth Enlightened Factoring Strategy

Investment Objective:

The investment objective of the Strategy is to provide a moderate level of current income and some long-term capital appreciation while seeking to protect against downside risk and negative effects from inflation by investing primarily in income-generating securities including bonds and mortgages, as well as mutual funds and exchange traded funds that invest in, or track the performance of, income-generating securities.

Strategy Type: Income
Launch Date: January 22, 2010
Lead Portfolio Strategist: Al Housego, CFP, CIM

Why This Strategy?:

We created the Crystal Wealth Enlightened Factoring Strategy as a broad-based income solution for our clients. Rather than being mandated to stick to one asset class or income strategy like some of our other income funds, this fund has the flexibility to pursue income generation from many sources as well as target some long term capital appreciation with specific equity investments.

What We Love About This Strategy:

  • Simplicity of one investment providing broad income exposure
  • Diversification by income strategy as well as asset class
  • A one-stop investment for the income portion of a client’s portfolio