Crystal Enlightened Resource and Precious Metals Fund

Investment Objective:

To generate positive absolute annual returns by investing primarily in resource and precious metals securities globally.

Strategy Type: Resource and Precious Metals
Launch Date: August 14, 2009
Lead Portfolio Strategist: Al Housego, CFP, CIM

Why This Strategy?:

We created the Crystal Enlightened Resource and Precious Metals Fund to answer a desperate client need for a hedge against uncertainty and to profit on the increasing worldwide demand for resources. Uncertainty can come in many forms such as inflation, massive financial shock or terrorism, and the usual result of uncertainty is that investors flee to hard assets such as precious metals. Because of this, the fund offers a safe haven that should increase in value when traditional stock and bond markets are declining. Even in the absence of a shock to the system, this fund will benefit from our world’s increasing consumption of resources, making the fund a nice complement to any portfolio.