Crystal Wealth Mortgage Strategy

Investment Objective:

To generate a consistently high level of interest income with no downside volatility by investing primarily in first and second Canadian residential mortgages.

Strategy Type: Income
Launch Date: April 12, 2007
Lead Portfolio Strategist: Clayton Smith, CAIA

Why This Strategy?:

We created the Crystal Wealth Mortgage Strategy to answer a desperate client need for a relatively high and consistent rate of return with a low probability of losing money. We spotted an opportunity in the fragmented, non-bank mortgage market and teamed up with Spectrum Canada, a leader in the Canadian mortgage industry, to create a mutual fund that provides an incredible opportunity for investors to earn a significantly higher rate of return than they can on other short term debt instruments such as GICs, Term Deposits and Bonds with very minimal risk of downside. 

What We Love About This Strategy:

  • Steady, reliable, relatively high return
  • An asset class that is simple to understand and non-correlated to general markets
  • Diversification (typically well over 300 mortgages held by the fund)

Our Partner on This Strategy:

Spectrum Canada Mortgage Services Inc. sources, underwrites and administers the residential mortgages in which this strategy invests.