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Time for a change?

If you’re reading this, we presume you are dissatisfied with some aspect of your current professional situation. Before you jump from the frying pan into the fire by switching to another IIROC or MFDA dealer, we’d like to open your mind to another, totally different solution: Make the move to Crystal Wealth and become a discretionary portfolio manager rather than a salesperson.

If you would like to do any of the following, a move to Crystal Wealth is the best gift you can give yourself:

  • Regain your independence;
  • Elevate your status to money manager rather than salesperson;
  • Double or even triple your income;
  • Reduce your administrative burden;
  • Reduce your compliance burden;
  • Unlock your fullest potential not only to increase your business, but also to live a more fulfilled life;
  • Manage your clients’ wealth more efficiently;
  • Treat all your clients more fairly rather than catering to the top 20%;
  • Have a guaranteed buy-out option for your book worth approximately 2.75% of AUM;
  • Join an exclusive group of no more than 50 like-minded elite advisors;
  • Access all the products you want/need for your clients – stocks, bonds, ETFs, futures, options, funds, managed solutions, exempt market products, private placements – without being told no by your dealer;
  • Create your own mutual fund(s) to better manage your own book of business;
  • Operate in an environment of mutual trust and respect rather than one of suspicion;
  • Pursue your other business activities such as insurance or financial planning autonomously and with no cut going to head office;
  • Safeguard your income against the coming regulatory changes to trailer fees; and
  • Have all client paperwork and admin associated with the transition of your book done for you so you can focus on the relationships with your clients.

If any of this intrigues you, please fill out the following for access to more detailed information and testimonials of advisors like you who have already made the switch to Crystal Wealth. We look forward to meeting you…





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